Who Are the Invisible, Ultra-Woke, Self-Righteous, Past-Sin-Digging Paleontologists (Not Sony)


When Mike Richards, Jeopardy!’s choice to replace the legendary Alex Trebek as host of the show was ousted several weeks ago for insensitive comments he made several years ago, I had planned to let it slide.

After all, I had recently published an article regarding former Jeopardy! contestant, Kelly…

How Race-Norming is Grounded in Scientific Racism

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Najeh Davenport (ProFootballTalk -NBC Sports)

There are many in our country who say that systemic racism isn’t real. They concede it happened in the past, during slavery and the Jim Crow era, but not today. It just isn’t true, they say. No verifiable evidence, they say.

A few…

COVID-19, Masks, Vaccines and the War Against Liberty

Since COVID-19 became a thing in America during the spring of 2020, I’ve worn a mask in businesses that have required it. I knew I couldn’t walk into a store if I didn’t. It wasn’t a big deal. It’s still not a big deal.

However, I have not worn a…

Bradley Neece

Christian writer, historian and satirist, called to shine the light on today's polarizing issues without a foot in either camp.

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